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Monday, January 31, 2011

087. Portlaw Well.

Well inside Salaheen gate on Curraghmore estate. This well, possibly from the middle 1800s, served the estate workers who lived at Salaheen cottages up to the not-too-distant past.
A local gentleman informed me this was called the Cradle Well, because of its shape!
Taken today January 31st 2011.

The holy well, Tobair na nAingeal - Well of the Angels - in Kilmogemogue townland, possibly from early Christian times, and even earlier Pagan times.  As is common with holy wells, and there are very many around the country, votive offerings can be found at the site. I believe there may be early ecclesiastical remains in the vicinity.

I would be interested to know if anyone ever heard of the tradition of unbaptised children being buried nearby.

Taken today January 31st 2011.

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