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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Greetings!



Fire at the Tannery - Christmas Eve!

Unknown to me, at just about 1.30 pm on Christmas Eve, a fire with flames up to 50 feet high, and dense black toxic fumes reaching much higher skywards, was taking place just about 250 metres from me beside the old tannery ruins.
When I heard about the situation, Portlaw fire brigade had already been on the scene for some time, and as I rushed down with my camera, Kilmacthomas fire brigade with their larger fire engine was just arriving at the entrance.
Following them closer to the scene, the above picture is what I then saw and captured.

On getting closer, with permission, I realised the situation was well under control and that the fire was not in any of the buildings, but in a very large collection of old tyres in the centre of the yard.

The huge collection of tyres in the centre of the yard, and all around the perimeter,
were used for protection purposes when car 'drifting' takes place there.
Fortunately no major damage or personal injuries occurred.
Thanks to both fire brigades for their prompt action!

Monday, December 9, 2013


The Christmas Crib at St. Patrick's Church, Portlaw, 2012.

(one left click will reveal a larger version of the image)