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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Daffodil Day, an annual fund-raising event in aid of the Irish Cancer Society,  has always been well supported by the people of Portlaw, both volunteer collectors and supporters.
A grand total of €2,027 was collected at four locations in the town this year (2011).  
The nationwide total was expected to be in the region of €4,000,000.

Collection point outside Fogartys' shop,  manned by Johnny Crotty.

Outside Walshs' shop, manned by Bernie Phelan.

Outside the Centra Supermaket. L. to R. - Peggy Cuddihy, Biddy Hanlin, Theresa xxxxx and baby xxx  xxx.

Outside Kielys' shop was a further array of smiling volunteers.
L to R:  Heather Robinson and son, Ann Kiely, Ronnie Moore and Jean Walshe.  (2011).

March 2010, outside Walshs' shop.  L. to R. - Bernie Phelan, Maurice Nugent and Jack Kelly.

Outside Fogartys' and Wick's Shop - March 2007.

Outside the Post Office - March 2007 - Biddy Hanlin and Peggy Cuddihy.

Daffodils galore at Coolroe, Portlaw, by Killowen Garden Enterprises (Greenes'). March 2009.

Outside Bláthanna (Walshs') - March 2010.

Outside Post Office, Queen Street - March 2010.

Outside Fogartys' and Wick's - March 2010.

Master xxxxx Robinson in a daffodil garden at Mayfield, Portlaw,
by Killowen Garden Enterprises (Greenes').  (March  2010).

N.B.  Am not familiar with all the names.
If YOU know the missing ones, an email would be appreciated, mentioning the relative photo number also.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

099 New Heritage Signs for Portlaw

Saturday, March 19th, was an important day in the life of Portlaw, when three impressive signs depicting the heritage of the area, both natural and built, were unveiled.
Here, Johnny Crotty of the Heritage Group eagerly awaits the arrival of visitors at the Heritage Centre.

At the Heritage Centre entrance before the commencement of the ceremony were:
L. to R.:-  Ger Crotty - Chairman Hetitage Group: Ms. Bernadette Guest - County Heritage Officer
and Mr. Ger Barron - Deputy County Mayor.

The introductory speech by the Heritage Group Chairman - Ger Crotty.

Ms. Bernadette Guest - Co. Heritage Officer - addresses the audience.

Rev. Ned Hassett, C.C., addresses the audience and blesses sign No. 1, at An Leabharlann/the Library.

Local Rector, and Rector of the Fiddown Union of Parishes (Ch. of Irld.), Canon George Cliffe,                  addresses the audience and again blesses the sign.

The address by Deputy County Mayor - Mr. Ger Barron.

The unveiling ceremony at sign No. 1, performed by Mr. Ger Barron - Deputy County Mayor,
and Mr. Maurice Nugent - Portlaw's oldest resident.

Ms. Bernadette Guest - County Heritage Officer, and Mr. Ken Walsh - Area Engineer.
This sign is bi-lingual, the full panel being repeated in Irish on the reverse. 

Tá an painéal seo dátheangach  - Gaeilge agus Béarla.

L. to R.:  Mr Maurice Nugent, Rev. Ned Hassett, C.C. and Mr Julian Walton - historian.

A walking tour of part of the town was led by local historian, Mr. Willie Power, who also commented on the various places of historic or heritage interest.
Here he remarks on sign No. 3, devoted to natural heritage, down by the new riverside amenity area.

Sign No. 2 at the junction of William Street and Queen Street.

A better view of the same sign a few days later,
being discussed by Paddy (Doc) Morrissey and Hugh Maher.

"Mol an Óige . . . . . . "

Willie Power had a youthful listening audience by the canal side when he spoke about the history of the canal, which enabled lighters to carry bales of raw cotton from Waterford up the Suir and the Clódagh rivers to the Malcomson Cotton Mill at high tide.
As is evident, it was a cool breezy day!

Enjoying a joke with Fr. Ned Hassett (out of picture on R.) were Eileen Coffey and Maurice Nugent.

Mr XXXXX XXXXX and Mr. Julian Walton, noted Historian, outside An Leabharlann - The Library.

Group outside the Library awaiting the start of proceedings.

Tommy Comerford, well-known professional singer, and daughter, outside the Library.

Someone had to hold the sheet in place, before the unveiling,  because of the wind;
who better than Eoin Coffey.

Willie Power on the guided walk, seen here at the junction of William Street and Queen Street,
also Paudie Coffey, T.D. and Ger Barron, Deputy County Mayor.

Having retired to the Heritage Centre for refreshments, visitors spent about an hour having a look at the photographs and artifacts on display.
Here, some young people were intent on putting their names in the Visitors' Book.

At the Heritage Centre, Willie Power and George Canon Cliffe listen intently  to what was the first official speech  by Paudie Coffey of Portlaw, newly-elected T.D. (Member of Parliament). 

Enjoying the fine display at the Heritage Centre.

Refreshments for all visitors at the Heritage Centre afterwards.

Some were addicted to Cup-Cakes . . . the latest 'craze'.
Maybe there's a secret ingredient?

Friday, March 18, 2011

098 St. Patrick's Day 2011 in Portlaw.


Ceól ó Bhanna Cheóil Phort Lách, in aice leis an tSéipéal.

. . . and there's young Miss Shauna Maher in training,
with her grandfather, Willie Maher, in the background behind me listening with a critical ear,
and her father, John Maher, the drummer to her left.

Willie Maher (centre), Paul Kelly on left and Willie's wife, Noeleen, on right.

An Bhailiúchán Náisiúnta ar son Conradh na Gaeilge.
Claire O'Hara . . . an  cailín óg álainn!
Church-gate collection (nationwide) for the Irish Language organisation - Conradh na Gaeilge.

Drummer, John Maher on left, and Johanathan O'Brien on right.

Wonderful stirring music from what appears to now be a devoted few.
However, a short few years ago they participated in the New York Patrick's Day Parade!

Piper, Christopher O'Brien.

Maura Power plays the organ for the special St. Patrick's Day mass,
something she's been doing for over 50 years!

. . . accompanied by the choir, with special songs for the day.

An tAthair Eamonn, ag caint le ne daoine . . .  

. . . agus le Mickey Morrissey.

Jimmy Mansfield looks on as the band moved to Malcomson Square for a short recital.  

Two of the many onlookers/listeners.

"Maybe I should bang that big drum for a change?"

A last tune from Paul Power,
a family here since the Norman de la Poers came to the area over 800 years ago! 

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