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Monday, August 13, 2012


Despite many weeks of poor weather, including torrential rain, today - August 13th - was quite warm and sunny for most of the day.
Making the most of it was Freddie Kelly picking blackberries from the huge crop available on the roadside up near Curraghmore gates just now; possibly the largest blackberries I've ever seen!

"I'll freeze them when I arrive home, and they will be a special treat for next Christmas Day!", said Freddie.  Now, maybe I could do likewise with my strawberries next year?

Passing by was famous hurler from the past - Frankie Whelan - out with his grandchild for some fresh air and the badly needed sunshine.  Frankie walks many miles EVERY day on Portlaw's beautiful rural roads.
Due to the low amount of sunshine experienced by everyone this year so far, experts are saying that people are quite deficient in Vitamin D.   They are recommending you bare your arms, at least, on sunny days from now on, to make up for this deficiency, taking the usual precautions not to get sunburnt.  
An hour later quite a few more people were picking the blackberries on the same stretch of road.
You'd better hurry along, if you want that special dessert for Christmas!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

NEW! New! New! Portlaw Car Boot Sale

Portlaw Car Boot Sale, which is held each Saturday from 10.00 a.m. inside the gates of the Tannery/Cotton-Mill site,  is slowly beginning to take off, and a wide variety of bric-a-brac is always on offer . . . from books, clothes and jewellery to window-boxes and  plants.  What really caught my eye was a selection of mirrors made from slate but incorporating copper-wire and stained-glass motifs.  

Jewellery galore for the ladies at this stall by a local man.

Mr.Mikey O'Shea having a relaxing moment with a friend over a cup of coffee!

The mirror display, mentioned earlier.

A collection of books and more by Seán Foskin. I spotted some very interesting volumes among those on display.

A great place to pass an hour or more on Saturday mornings, but come early if you hope to find some bargains.  Who knows, you might pick up a Caravaggio for a few Euro! 

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


If in the Tramore area during the month of August, why not drop in to see this exhibition? The Portlaw-made  hand-crafted leather hand-bags have been a big attraction there,                               with numerous designs on display.
The arts centre, is accessible from the Doneraile Walk, or first turn left after you round the sharp corner on the way out towards the Cove Bar roundabout.  Plenty of parking at the far end of that street,  Love Lane.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012



A very ordinary gate, but with an interesting monogram. What lies beyond the gate, I’m fully aware of, and it has a strong Portlaw connection!

However, I want to know what the monogram stands for.

The first to email me with a convincing answer – in a short few sentences – will receive an A4 copy of any one image of your choice on this site, on archivally-permanent material.

Replies on or before October 31st 2012 only. Use the email facility under my profile.