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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Results of Competition No. 1

The competition to name the road from which Photo/Post No. 81 was taken,  attracted more entries than anticipated, but it was quite obvious that most were wild guesses, and in many cases were ‘miles out’. To be quite honest, you would need to know the Portlaw area extremely well to be able to answer correctly.
One contestant, however, was ‘out’ by only a few metres, and she is none other than Mrs. Mary Coe, of Brown Street, Portlaw, who will receive the print of her choice from all those on the Blog.  ‘I recognized the scene instantly’ said Mary, ‘after all, I’ve been passing nearby for much of my life, and six-days-a-week  at one time  for sixteen years,  but I can’t say precisely the spot from which the picture was taken’.
The actual location was in fact a gateway, on the Salaheen to Baylough road, 150 paces approx. after the first house on the right.  This spot has an excellent view across the country towards the Comeragh mountains, and the tree-covered  hollow in the foreground field has a mysterious look about it!  The scene is probably at it’s best in autumn, when the foliage and grass have changed colours.
Congrats to Mary, who by co-incidence can be seen in one of the photographs relating to the visit of Lord Eames to Clonagam church in 2009.
A further competition, involving a local personality, will be held in the near future.
Thank you all for participating and apologies for the delay with this result.  Things take time!

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