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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bird Life!

Collared Doves
(Streptopelia decaocto)
own garden.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May 3rd . . .

Last Friday, May 3rd, I decided to go for a walk on a different route than usual,
and went down from the Salaheen entrance to King John's bridge to see what 
what was in bloom at the time.

I was pleasantly surprised at Salaheen cottages to see that re-furbishment of the houses
is taking place. These 'old world'  picturesque dwellings have been photographed and painted 
by people for many years.

Half way downhill, I met the above gentlemen who were clearing a large area of Laurel bushes,
which, when unchecked,  seem to take over wide areas like Rhododendrons.

Bluebells were to be seen covering much of the roadsides and also in among the trees.

The approach to King John's Bridge was brightened by the above yellow flowers,
which I was unable to identify at the time
Later, following an Internet search I discovered they were in fact 
'Japanese Rhododendrons/Azaleas',
according to info and a good colour photo on a UK garden centre website.

A close-up shot of these flowers showed how beautiful they were.
These shrubs produce foliage which is quite colourful in the autumn,
and which I had photographed previously, but whose name I could not ascertain then.

Further example of Rhododendron/Azaleas at the Deerpark, Howth Castle,
a wonderful place to spend a few hours on a walk or simply
to drive uphill there from the castle,
and view the spectacular scenery at any time of year. 
Taken on April 19th last. 
Entrance is on the road from Sutton to Howth, and beside Howth Church of Ireland. 
Well signposted. No entrance fee. 

                                                                                                                                                            King John's Bridge arches from the east side approx.
(built during the reign of King John, a visit from whom was anticipated,
but did not materialize).

Same arches from west side, showing branches trapped there following recent storms and flooding. 

The approach to the bridge from the north side approx. 

Finally, a look at the now-low waters of the Clódagh,
as it flows towards Portlaw and the river Suir. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Early Summer days.

Fruit trees have been in bloom for some time, or are opening their buds . . . 

. . . as can be seen here on a local apple tree.

However, some garden plants have been flowering for very many weeks,
especially Siberian Wallflowers,
which have lit up own garden for ages and are still in full bloom.
The plants were grown from seed set two years ago.

Likewise, with Anenomes (above and below),
which have been flowering for a considerable length of time.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Arrival of Summer . . .

Suddenly the colour green is all over!

Lots of sheep and lambs can be seen around the country,
but especially here at Curraghmore.

Rhododendrons are coming to life too,
but in sunny areas the flowers are wide open;

. . . this roadside specimen in Ballyquinn townland looking superb!