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Friday, August 28, 2015


UZBEKISTAN, now a democratic republic, located east of the Caspian Sea in Central Asia, was formerly part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The country, famous for it's mosques, linked to the 6,000 km long, great Silk Road, which once stretched from China to the Mediterranean Sea. The capital city, Tashkent, has a population of nearly 2,500,000. Total population for the entire country is over 30,000,000.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


to local resident,
whose 100th birthday occurs today
23rd August, 2015.
An "Open Day" was held at Maurice's home yesterday,
attended throughout the day by a large number of neighbours, 
and well-wishers. 
Some photos taken on the occasion hereunder.

Maurice with Séamus Crotty and his daughter, Gráinne. 

  With Maura Power.
Maura celebrated her 60th year as church organist two weeks previously!

With local personality, David Cohen.
David was born in Palestine prior to the setting up of the state of Israel. 

Over the poster can be seen Maurices wedding photo,
with his late wife, from many years ago.

  An early caller was Bridie Cullinan,
who dropped in early each day to see how Maurice was doing.

Maurice and nephew, Tom Nugent.

 Allie Walsh was still another of the many well-wishers who called.

 The fine birthday cake.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Curraghmore Bluebell Festival 2015

It has taken a long time to get even the first image online,
and with software problems galore,
further additions will be slow!

Maurice Nugent, pictured here with family members, in front of the 'Honeymoom Wagon',
built by his father, Tom,  with assistance from Maurice, in 1930,
for the honeymoon in the west of Ireland
of the 7th Marquis of Waterford and his wife.

L to R:  
Tom Nugent (nephew), Tom Nugent (grand-nephew),  Mark Corcoran (grand-nephew), Pat Nugent (son), Tom Nugent (nephew), xxxxx xxxxx (security man?), Maurice himself in front. 

Close-up shot of a very relaxed Maurice, at the Bluebell Festival,
a short few weeks away from 
his 100th birthday,
which falls this very weekend.




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