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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Amazingly mild weather for this time of year;
as high as 13 Celsius yesterday in places.

However the forecast is for colder weather
and rain to come!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Morning - Portlaw!

Your only hope of seeing Santa is to stay awake all night on Christmas Eve,
but then if he knows you're awake, he may not visit your house!
Adults have the best chance, so if you want to get some sneaky photos of him,
be prepared for a long await in the semi-darkness, which I was.
The sun wasn't long up, when I saw him leaving his sleigh and those poor tired reindeer, 
but I wasn't quick enough with my camera. I waited a whole hour and still no sign of him. Someone said he was seen leaving the Beechwood area, and that he heard he was gone into Ann Nolan's for a drink of some kind! I had enough of the waiting and headed home to bed. I noticed he left his hat in the sleigh; possibly due to the very mild weather!

If you got any presents, then you must have been good throughout the past year, 
so remain as well-behaved during 2017 for more surprises next Christmas!

Christmas Eve - PORTLAW

Hand-knitted crib figures, depicting the birth of Christ,
in the library window;
all hand-made locally.
DO make a trip to see this library display,
and a further two windows to delight young and old!

. . . and now most people are awaiting 7.30pm Mass on Christmas Eve and two Christmas Day Masses @ 9.00 am and 11.00 am, all in St. Patrick's Church,
also 9.30 am Christmas Day Service in Holy Trinity Church.

. . . and we're not forgetting a certain gentleman supposed to be coming this way tonight
in a sleigh, pulled by reindeer,
with presents for all good children in the area!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recent Curraghmore Scenes

Some images from avenue north-west to Whitestown:

Nine images hereunder taken on December 1st, 2016:

November images from avenue south (King John's Bridge to Salaheen):

A foggy and frosty morning!

Built especially for King John's visit to Curraghmore, but he didn't come this far!

Prince John, son of King Henry II of England, visited Ireland in 1185, to look after his father’s affairs here, which obviously meant ensuring the submission of certain ‘disloyal’ native nobles.   The Norman de la Poers had only arrived here fifteen years previously approx.

In April 1185, he arrived back once more, this time as King John. Landing at Crooke, a short few miles from Waterford, he set out to reduce the native chieftains and nobles to submission, especially the de Lacys. The de Lacys fled to France.
King John and his army then marched all the way to Dublin and Meath, and even on to Carrickfergus, most others submitting to him.
He returned to England in August 1210, from which date the Lord Justice, John de Grey, looked after his affairs.
Legend has it that he was expected at Curraghmore during that lengthy visit, hardly to subdue the de la Poers, who built this bridge in 1205 especially for his arrival.  He never came!  This is considered to be the oldest bridge in Ireland!

Getting an overall view of the bridge is impossible,
due to adjacent trees, bushes, and river-bank foliage.

Viewed from Portlaw to Clonea-Power road.