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Monday, June 10, 2019

Waterford Country Fair 2019

The Fair, a fund-raiser for the hospice movement, was held in various parts of Curraghmore estate, 
by kind permission of Lord & Lady Waterford,
and was an outstanding success,
running from 10.00 am until after 6.00 pm.

On entering the fair area from the Ballyquin Gate car park, two of the first items of interest to see were these magnificent bronzes, which I was told may have been purchased at one of the Parisian World Fairs in the 1800s. 

This one, on left, depicts a mastiff protecting her pups from a wolf or wild boar (?).

The one on the right here depicts a wolf (?),
again protecting her young.

These artworks look very like the work of:

Alfred Dubucand (1829-1894)
Isidore Jules Bonheur (1827-1901)

Portlaw branch of the Red Cross organisation, based in the courtyard,
were very much in evidence, looking after the welfare of the numerous visitors.

Local man, Willie Corcoran,
had on display some of his many
birds of prey, from a collection of over forty!
The public, including young children,
were encouraged to hold the birds on their arms
while posing for photographers,
for a very nominal fee.

Here, Willie is seen with one of his Barn Owls.

You can read all about this well-established
Portlaw enterprise at:

Yes, even young children can hold these!

Mussels and Pearls in the local river,
but don't attempt to touch them!

More images and some text to follow . . . by degrees!

A single left click on each image will reveal an enlarged copy. 

Water Supply Problem

People may not be aware of it,
but three premises on the Curraghmore road, from the roundabout onwards,
have been depending on bottled water for more that six months,
as the supply to those houses had been declared 'unfit for human consumption'.
The problem is now being corrected. 


                                                                Remedial work near the grotto.

The rust within one of the cast-iron pipes
which had been replaced about twenty years ago.

                                                                               On top . . . section of a pipe which replaced the old cast-iron pipes twenty years ago.
Underneath:                                                        section of the original cast-iron pipe.

These photos taken on June 24th last.