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Friday, August 31, 2018

Page-viewer Origins

Origin of pageviews for past month:

Ukraine - 461;  United States - 431;  Ireland - 407;  Russia - 210;
Unknown Region - 189;  United Kingdom - 104;  Japan - 67;  
China - 49;  Germany - 44;  France - 33.
(only the top ten figures are made available)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Am glad to say this blog has been chosen in the initial selection
of the Ireland Blog Awards 2018.
Two more adjudication rounds to go, however!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Multitudes Arrive . . .

A welcome sign at Malcomson Square awaits the multitudes
arriving for the first annual

A little short of 15,000 music lovers turned up,
and the weather was excellent throughout the three days and nights. 

The entire event ran to perfection, thanks to the excellent planning of the organisers.

The location (part of), from a distance, one day before commencement of festival.

On  Friday, August 3rd, HUGE numbers of concert-goers descended on Portlaw,
in and around Malcomson Square.
From here, throughout the entire weekend, 
they were ferried back and forth in a free shuttle-bus service to and from the festival site, 
about three kilometres away.

This Dublin bus was just one of very many.

Two music-lovers from Melbourne, Australia,
who arrived on that Dublin bus,
and with whom I had a great conversation about Irish ancestors,
and the 'infamous' Ned Kelly, whose ancestors came from my own native parish in South Tipperary.

Portlaw villagers were enjoying the frenzied activity right through the weekend.
Tom Nugent and daughter, Sarah, done it in style from a seated position,
while also enjoying the excellent weather the country was experiencing.

Notes taken re some of the visitors were mislaid,
but I believe this group had just arrived from Cork.
Correct me, if I'm wrong! 

At times traffic at the roundabout almost became a  problem,
but fortunately the situation was handled to perfection by
stewards and gardaí right through the entire weekend . .. 

. . . except for a while when this hired camper, with visitors from Dublin, 
stalled at the roundabout due to serious clutch trouble
and caused consternation before being moved a short distance away. 

In a nearby house, these ladies were enjoying the carry-on.

Awaiting a shuttle-bus, but certainly enjoying themselves,
were this group of charming ladies from Cork city.

Some young men, all the way from Wicklow,
came well prepared for a merry weekend.
It's reported that the local supermarket was sold out of liquid refreshments!

This young lady at Malcomson Square houses,
with their fine floral display,
was also taking it all in.
(photographed with permission).