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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Two Days Ago At Stradbally, Co. Waterford.

After torrential rain on leaving home, a trip along the Copper Coast, from Knockmahon to Stradbally,  paid off, with very many photos from the former and a small few from the latter.
A seldom-seen sight was meeting chef, Sammy, a native of Hong Kong,
picking watercress on a roadside stream in Stradbally village.
I said - 'That's a lot for salads', to which he replied,
"I'll store it in the fridge!"
Some interesting conversation ensued re the relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China. 

Beautiful, extensive roadside landscaping by the proprietor of of Woodhouse Estate, now maturing and replacing old woodland trees. The dark area, left of centre, is to house a water feature before long.
The profusion of bird-song, from the minute I arrived there, was quite amazing.  Of special interest was seeing a Blackbird-type bird, with a white collar. Am accustomed to seeing Collared Doves in own garden, but this bird was something new. This development will surely be to Stradbally's benefit in future Tidy Towns Competitions.

 Meeting Tadhg, a young local resident, earlier, resulted in learning much about the area, the Woodhouse Estate, farming, drifting, rearing fowl, making bird-houses, growing vegetables, and much more; an extremely intelligent young man, with an obvious entrepeneurial spirit.                                    He has a great future. 

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