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Monday, May 24, 2021

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021:

 A visit to Mountain Grove amenity area, off the Piltown to Templeorum road, showed most of the flora in bad shape after much recent rain and wind.  However, a few images resulted, but nothing great. We were a week or more late to see the place at it's best:

Following a heavy fall on slippery foliage, I was lucky to have my close friend, John R. with me, who assisted me to a sitting down position, seeking assistance from a more-than-helpful group nearby, two of whom accompanied me back to the entrance, where we had a restful time with the usual tea and sandwiches. Feeling it was time to call it a day, we headed uphill to Templeorum first, where we spent quite some time scrutinising headstone inscriptions in the local cemetery, photographing the church interior and stained glass.  Before departure, we had a lengthy conversation with an old friend from Carrick Camera Club who came by chance on the scene.
Many thanks to those young men who came to my assistance!

Fern from Templeorum. 

- oooOooo-

The Mountain Grove amenity area is the ideal place for some pleasant walking  and has a map of the area, showing paths, elevation, etc. at the main entrance. There are two more entrances further up the road. The footpaths are quite mucky just now, following so much rain. 

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