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Monday, February 1, 2021

Naomh Bríd / Saint Brigid (aka Bridget).

 Lá 'le Bríde atá ann. Seadh, an céad lá d'en tEarrach! Yes, its St. Brigid's Day, the feast-day of one of Ireland's patron Saints, who lived from 451 to 525 A.D., when she died at her abbey in Kildare town. Its also the first day of Spring. 
She was born in Faughart, County Louth, where there is a fine shrine to her.
Well worth a visit, when the country is out of lockdown!!!
The photo is of a stained glass window taken at
St. Margaret's Parish Church, near Dublin Airport on 30.7.2009.

-    oooOooo    -

Some Spring photos, taken today, hereunder:

There are white Camellias also, but they are a little later appearing. 

The Camellias immediately bring to mind the opera- ‘La Traviata’ – which literally means ‘The Fallen Woman.’ The delightful music was composed by Verdi and based on a novel and play by Alexandre Dumas in 1852 entitled - ‘La dame aux Camelías’ or ‘The Lady of the Camellias’, but I’m not going to discuss her reputation!

Apart from the famous song – ‘Libiamo‘ (The Drinking Song), my favourite melody and aria is – ‘Di Provenza il mar il suol’ (of Provence, the sea, the soil). I have played it at a few pub sessions! Listen to it on YouTube, which has a few versions.  Try the version by Placido Domingo, starting at 1 min 30 secs on the video to 5 mins 30 secs. You may prefer other versions, including a Karaoke version, instrumental version,  also sheet music!


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