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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Glasnevin Round Tower

 The Round Tower memorial over the tomb of Daniel O'Connell at Glasnevin cemetery, Dublin. Well worth a visit, the large tomb is below ground level, and is open to the public at times.  Within the tomb, with its colourful decorations and more, one can see a 'mensa' or table-tomb and a coffin within containing the remains of O'Connell. You can touch the coffin through an opening if you wish! 

Entrance to the huge cemetery is free. Furthermore, access to the Botanic Gardens is available on the north (?) side of the grounds (free admission also!).  One could easily spend a whole day walking around both, there is so much to see. Food is available at both places. Car parking, for a fee, is available inside the entrance to the gardens. There is a fee to access the museum. 

Check out info on the cemetery museum at:

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