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Friday, February 19, 2021

Lower Tower Hill Area Feb. 17th 2021

A walk in the Tower Hill area on Feb. 17th last, revealed a panoramic view of the river Suir from approx. Mooncoin down to Mount Congreve; the latter out of the picture on the right. All this due to recent harvesting of large, mature coniferous trees.

Those on the left here may well be harvested also quite soon!

Ornamental grasses, obviously having escaped from either Milfort House or Curraghmore gardens, can be found by the adjacent roadside occasionally.  This plant found growing on the top of a Tower Hill wall.
                                                                                                                                                           Pheasant Berry plants are plentiful in this area also, obviously having originated in same gardens. They are now coming back into leaf, with the arrival of Spring.

Finding my way ahead blocked with this pool of water, I was about to return until the lady in the distance suggested I by-pass it simply by going up to a higher lever in the wood, which I did, and enjoyed a total of 75 minutes walking.


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