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Friday, December 8, 2017


Snow has already fallen in parts of the north-east, but heavier falls are forecast for this weekend over a wider area.

The above photo shows
Malcomson Square, Portlaw, on December 1st, 2010!

-    oooOooo    -

The above snow scene was well-timed, as snow fell for about half of yesterday (Dec. 10th).
Forecast by the Met Office as a 'snow bomb', it wasn't that bad here in the S.E.,
but bad enough to cause problems for traffic.  Rural roads were the worst hit, as is usual!

One of a short series of pictures taken today, Dec. 11th.
Problems with ice going downhill towards Clonagam church
and had to return via Whitestown Lodge avenue and part of Clonea road.

A snowman opposite top gate to Tower Hill.
A GIGANTIC snowball was to be seen a short distance away.
These were obviously constructed yesterday, Dec. 10th.

Looking downhill towards church.

Beeches in field opposite Clonagam church.
A number of such trees here lost to storms in recent years.

Polo ponies.Curraghmore.

Same ponies.  The hill, called Croughaun, in background.

Not too far away, this very old house was looking well in the snow.

(A single left-click on any image will show an enlarged copy)

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