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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2015


Walkers participaiting in the parade were asked to assemble and start in the church grounds,
from a safety point of view,
and vehicles at Coffeys' Corner, where both groups would then amalgamate.
Here, prospective participants can be seen trying to cross the road at this DANGEROUS bend as they head for the church around the corner.
The wall on their immediate right was struck and damaged by a runaway vehicle some years ago and still lies unrepaired. Also, within the past few years  two other runaway vehicles had to deliberately crash into (1) the cemetery wall, and (2) the wall at entrance to the church, in order to stop as they went downhill.
It's surely about time that a footpath was built on the other side of this now very-busy road
to accommodate pedestrians in safety.
There appears to be ample room from the bottom of the steep hill right up to near the church.
Over to you, local Councillors, TD's  and Ministers.

The Saint himself, followed here by three snakes!

T H E  E N D !

(Imposible, timewise, to add names to all the above images,
but some names/text will be added if  time allows) 

Bluebell Festival pictures to follow soon!

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