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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


See my post of September 7th last which explains the rapid conversion of the over-100-years-old Martin Hospital to the Dr. Martin Day Centre, following the intervention of HIQUA.
The Centre is now well established under the management of Alice Kiersey and will operate three days a week - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - for the elderly of the area,  from 10 am  till 4.00 pm.
Morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided for a reasonable sum, plus entertainment and enjoyable company. Wednesday music and song sessions from 2 pm to 4 pm are especially successful. 
Hairdressing and Chiropidy services are also provided. 
Thanks to the staff and many helpers who make it all possible.  

Picture taken during the Open Day, when the Centre was open to the public for viewing on Sept. 13th.
Included are:  Lady Waterford - 3rd from L; Alice Kiersey - Manager, 4th from R; Paudie Coffey, T.D. - 3rd from right. Regrettably I do not have all the names.
If anyone cares to list them, using the reference numbers on each photo, I will be glad to publish them.  


Some of the rooms and their furnishings.

Yes, even a fine Pool Room, and these young boys making the most of Open Day!

Maura Power, Portlaw's church organist for more than fifty years, 
and just out of hospital following knee surgery, 
arrives to entertain the visitors for the afternoon.

Some preferred to stay out in the spacious grounds enjoying the badly needed sunshine.

Youthful Dervla Walsh, popular local singer arrives also to entertain the visitors

The Centre's manageress, Alice Kiersey, making sure everyone was 'fed and watered'!

An enlarged version of each picture can be seen by a single left-click on your mouse!

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