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Monday, April 2, 2012

Daffodil Day 2012

Daffodil Day this year was held on March 23rd.
Voluntary collectors/sellers were out in their thousands nationwide.
The entire proceeds go to the Irish Cancer Society.
The results of this year's collection is not yet known.

Outside the collection-point at the Bridge St./William St. junction, Portlaw,
were Mrs. xxxxx Power and Johnny Crotty with 'customer', Mark Wick.

Outside Bláthanna on Malcomson Square, were volunteer collectors:
(to be named)

Biddy Hanlin and Peggy Cuddihy having a laugh with 'customer', Jim Duggan,
outside the Centra collection-point this year.  

(4th April '12:  The above picture was published in this week's 'Munster Express')

Marie Dee, popular local bar-maid, pictured at the Centra collection-point in 2011, which I forgot to upload.

With regret, I overlooked calling to the collection-point at Kiely's, Brown Street.
Apologies to you all there!


  1. This is a very valuable site and the detailed picture records will be treasured for generations. Comhghairdeas.

    1. Thanks for comment. Much appreciated!

      I have many hundreds of pictures to upload, but each has to be prepared individually and then the text composed, all of which is quite time-consuming. I just don't have enough time to handle them all. However, there will be lots more!