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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pubs in the area 136 years ago!

From an 1881 Directory

Bowers Margaret, Fiddown.                               Moroney Bridget, Portlaw.
Brennan Mary, Fiddown.                                 Phelan Patrick, Coolfin, Portlaw.
Conway Patrick, Portlaw.                         Power James, Portlaw.
Curtis Thomas H., Portlaw.                             Power Joseph, Portlaw.
Dooley Patrick, Portlaw.                                  Prendergast Mary, Portlaw.
Harney William, Portlaw.                    Stone John, Portlaw.
Henebery Michael, Portlaw.                    Walsh Walter, Portlaw.
Higgins David, Portlaw.

-    oooOooo   -

Curently (1st March, 2017) Portlaw has only four pubs in operation!


  1. Hi Seán

    Tks for this

    Would you mind me asking something about the above......what do the names above represent? Are they the public licence holder or the person running the pub? I'm particularly interested in John Stone above. Any idea of where his pub was in Portlaw village and any other details? tks a mill


    1. Answered via GMail.

      No info available except that shown, which I reproduced from a photocopied page from the original directory over 30 years ago!