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Monday, October 31, 2016


Thanks to
for organising a great
Pre-Hallowe'en Entertainment
around the town on Sunday October 30th, 2016.


Some strange characters were seen at the edge of town!

Maura Corcoran and family members were keeping a watchful eye on goings-on!

Families galore were out for the evening.

Local personalities were all over the place.


Ghosts and goblins were all over the fountain!

These local ladies were hungry for excitement, and then . . .

. . . charging down the Curraghmore road, in a cloud of smoke,
came this weird horse-drawn chariot,
stopping in the middle of the large crowd!

Meanwhile, this witch was dancing around the fountain.

The 'chariot', with those weird characters on board, eventually moved off,
like the Pied Piper of Hamelin,
luring most people away through various parts of the town

The King family resting from all the walking.

Some faces, familiar from last year!

Halloween itself in Portlaw . . .

                                                                                                                                                     Cobwebs enveloping things outside the library . . .

. . . and plenty of activity in Brown Street and near the fountain . . .

. . . but strange things at the library door!

Mary Coe and other householders in Brown Street, all very generous with the Trick or Treat people!

Another witch at the Heritage Centre.

There was Shirley coming towards me at the fountain, with chocolates I thought,
but it was a Pizza for herself!

This little boy we saw already,
but here he is with his Romanian mother.

Headstones were appearing in various places,
but I didn't notice flowers beside any of them!

A peep over a local garden wall showed this grim scene!

Charming, quiet local boys, I thought . . .

. . . but in a split second they had turned into monsters.

Turning around at the fountain, worse was to come,
the face was familiar, I thought . . .
and I rushed off home!

Next day, after a sleepless night thinking about the face,
I made my way to the 'Lady Field' . . . 

. . . and there was Her Ladyship, looking majestic as ever in the morning light!

A closer look, and I was momentarily stunned on now seeing the same face as I saw the previous night, even if Her Ladyship had a more relaxed look this time!
Talk of 'moving statues' . . . !!!


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