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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Popular Name:  Tutsan.
Scientific Name:  Hypericum androsaemum.
Gaeilge:  Meas torc allta.
Family:  Hypericaceae.

 Overall view of one plant.

This bushy, semi-evergreen shrub can be seen in a number of places on the right hand side of the road to Clonagam/Clonegam church, about 100 metres on the Portlaw side of the top of hill. The foliage, flowers and berries are extremely colourful and attractive, but be careful if you have children in the area, as the berries are POISONOUS!

I have been watching this plant closely for many years and have noticed that it is spreading from what was originally a single plant. The berries are now between the unripe and ripe stage, and some already have turned from green to black.

Very colourful foliage, flowers and berries. 

Some berries already turning black. 

The popular St. John's Worth is a member of this family - Hypericaceae.

WARNING once more:  The berries are POISONOUS!

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