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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Shopkeepers & Traders 1881

Ardagh Robert, miller, Pouldrew.
Bowers Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, Fiddown.
Brennan Mary, grocer and dealer, Fiddown.
Broderick Michael, builder, shopkeeper and car owner, Portlaw.
Curtis Thomas, coal merchant, grocer, baker and flour dealer, Portlaw.
Fell Nicholas, bootmaker, Portlaw.
Funcheon Patrick, general dealer, Portlaw.
Haugh James, baker and grocer, Portlaw.
Hewston Catherine, coal merchant, Fiddown.
Hickey Michael, cooper, Ballycahane, Portlaw.
Joy John, grocer, draper and butcher, Portlaw.
Mayfield Shop, grocers, drapers &c. Portlaw – William R. Caldbeck, mnr 
Morris Michael, coal merchant, Fiddown.
O’Brien James, tailor, Portlaw.
Phelan Patrick, grocer and baker, Portlaw.
Phelan Richard, general dealer, Portlaw.
Power Joseph, shopkeeper, Portlaw.
Prendergast, Mary, shopkeeper, Portlaw.
Russel Alexander, poultry dealer, Portlaw.
Ryan Martin, grocer, china, &c. dealer, Portlaw.
Stephenson Thomas, woollen manufacturer, Fairbrook, Portlaw.
Thompson William, road contractor, Portlaw.
Winberry Paul, butcher, Portlaw.

(spelling and punctuation as in original)

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