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Friday, March 25, 2016


Being far away in the west for a number of days recently, I made sure I visited some places associated with St. Patrick, on which feast-day I missed out on local events in Co. Waterford.  Most interesting place, which I was visiting for the second time in a few months, was Ogulla Well, near Tulsk, County Roscommon.  Here, St. Patrick is reputed to have baptised the two pagan princesses, Aithnea and Fidelm, daughters of King Laoghaire.  Cures are reported to have taken place at the site and an annual mass is held during June in the fine building beside the well (currently in need of a clean-up!).  On and around a statue of our patron saint were numerous votive offerings, a common sight at holy wells.

At Ogulla Well.

 Fortunately, local photographer, Ann Walshe, was out with her camera for the Portlaw parade, and kindly allowed us to use the following pictures:

 Thank you,  Anne!


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