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Thursday, November 5, 2015


Due to other commitments, I was late heading out to seek some Halloween pictures.
I had seen some individuals and groups out as early as 5.00 pm
 in villages near the coast. 
Nevertheless, I was pleased to get the small number hereunder near 8.00 pm.

This Carla O'Brien group was the first to be seen,
as they were passing by the Library.
It was they informed me that 2 colourful characters were seen going into the nearby Oakville  Estate . . .

. . . and right they were,
as there I came across Frank Conway, who had been out with his young son. 

Frank was dressed as the 'Mad Hatter'
but his son had  just given up for the evening.

Next was this group at Brown Street, with well-known Allie
waving a magic wand!
Call us 'The Adams Family' they said!!!

                                                                                                                                                                       Next, I spotted two young Gleesons, Heath and Abigail,
at Séamus Crotty's door,
where their bucket was being filled.
Abigail was only 14 months old, they said.

A most colourfulgroup, again at Brown Street,
Geoffrey and Feena Foley,
with daughters, Sinéad and Farah.

Mary Coe was well prepared and had lots of 'goodies'
for these adventurous children.

Things were still happening on Factory Road,
where I met this group.

Laden down with goodies were the two young ladies on the left in this picture.

                                                                                                                                                                 A closer-up shot revealed the frightening Misses Casey and Heylin,
thrilled after a lengthy, but productive participation in this now-established tradition, 
which originated in the USA. 

A minute later, I encountered this comely witch,
who cast a spell on me,
which I can't shake off.
Never again, on Hallowe'en!

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