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Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10th 2013: Picture from the Past.


The Drawing Room at Woodlock Convent circa1910, from a postcard.

The postcard was published by Hughes, Photographer, Waterford, and printed in Treves (? difficult to read).
The postage rates at the time, mentioned on the card, were 1/2d (a ha'penny) inland and 1d (a penny) foreign
i.e. (for those unfamiliar with the once used Pound) the 1/480th. and 1/240th of a Pound respectively!

The sister who switched off the lights at Woodlock for the last time kindly gave me the card.  Will include her name here, if someone recognises her from a January 2011 series of images on this Blog.

(Thanks likewise to my friend, Tom Grace, who scanned the card for me, my own scanner currently not functioning).

Further images and text are still being added to the Clonagam church section, on previous page.
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