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Friday, November 16, 2012


Now that we are in mid-November, the countryside in the vicinity of Portlaw has been changing colours dramatically during recent days.  Trees in Curraghmore estate, especially the Beeches, are changing on a daily basis, but if a windy day comes soon, not a leaf will be left on them. The Ash trees have shed their leaves some weeks ago and the Chestnuts have almost finished. The rare Spanish Chestnuts still have a few leaves left of a most delicate shade of yellow, while that highly-invasive Japanese Knotweed has also changed to delicate shades of yellow and palest green. Some plants seem to be quite confused as to what time of year it is and are starting to bloom once again, notably Cowslips, Primroses, Woodbine and even Rhododendron in places.

With literally hundreds of Pheasants, including many white ones, strutting around all over the place,and the countryside looking at it's best colour-wise, it's time to be out and about enjoying it all before the cold of winter sets in!

Always looking beautiful is the Beech-wood apast Tower Hill cottages.

Here can be seen that fine Beech inside Curraghmore main entrance,
looking quite majestic at any time of the year, but especially right now that it's foliage is changing colours;
the sound-effects from the nearby Clódagh river and Salmon Leap adding to it all.  

An extremely colourful drain in the Beech-wood mentioned at # 435.

Regrettably, since yesterday (November 15th 2012), November fogs have arrived and much of the area in the vicinity of Portlaw has been covered in fog, with visibility down to a dangerous level in many places, like here at Salaheen cottages.                                

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Thanks to John O'Shea of Waterford Local Radio who kindly came to the Dr. Martin Day Centre two days ago and entertained the many clients with popular music for over two-and-a-half hours. All because of an invitation from popular local lady, Peggy Brophy.  Accommodating the many new faces was almost a problem, and may well be a bigger problem in time to come, the Wednesday afternoon entertainment now becoming something to look forward to by our seniors. 
Thanks also to all those volunteers who made it all so enjoyable with Tea, Coffee, Cakes and Apple-Tarts galore!

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