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Monday, February 20, 2012


As from today, 20th February 2012,  a new gadget has been added to the site under the PORTLAW masthead.  It's a counter, a device which counts every individual pageview. As can be seen, it has added all previous pageviews since the site first went online December 27th, 2010, and stands this morning, as I type, at 14,839.

There has been a noticeable increase in visitors from China since Mr. Xi Jinping came to Ireland on his three-day visit. He departs for Turkey today on his way home. Let's hope his stay, and that of his entourage, was enjoyable and productive. We have been closely watching the  news on  both CCTV and CNC on the Sky channels. Highly recommended channels, if you want to learn more about China.

ADDENDUNM 21 Feb. 2012 at 11.30pm.:

It has been noticed that the counter installed yesterday has been erratic in appearing on the 'home page'. However pageviews are still counted behind the scenes.   Must keep an eye on this!

ADDENDUM 1st March 2012:

The counter has worked perfectly since adding the previous note!

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