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Monday, May 6, 2024

 Was pleased to be invited to the 100th birthday of Jack O'Sullivan, Waterford,  a retired Garda Síochána sergeant for many years, on Sat. May 4th last, with all his family and about seventy friends, including at least seven musicians. A lengthy video showed scores of photos of himself and family in the numerous villages and towns he was stationed in throughout his lengthy career.

Gifts galore were presented, and we heard of never-ending emails, phone calls and more from his son, Larry, and some important people present. With a large selection of food and refreshments for all plus songs and music in plenty from the musicians lasting almost four hours, it was a great turn-out for Jack.

Go maire tú i bhfad, a dhuine uasail! 

(Photo by Larry O'Sullivan, with permission). 


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