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Friday, September 9, 2022

Site Statistics by Google


United States:  83.2k.  Ireland 74.3k.      Ukraine: 47.1k.

Indonesia:  46.6k.         Hong Kong: 38.2k.       Israel: 32.5k.

Russia:  22.4k.    Germany: 21.1k. U.K.:16.9k. Others: 102k.

Pageviews by Browsers:
Chrome:   168k.    Firefox: 87.4k.      Mobile Safari: 85.4k.

MSIE:   77.1k.       Safari: 45.2k.        Opera: 10k.

GSA:   2.72k.         Samsung Browser: 1.41k.       Mobile: 1.34k.

Other:   6.44k.

Total number of pageviews to date: 467,400.

Thanks to our many viewers!

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