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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Time galore for gardening!

If you've got a garden, big or small,
cocooning under COVID-19 restrictions
provided the opportunity to catch up on neglected gardening,
and to enjoy the weeks of sunshine
and the pleasure it brought.

Siberian Wallflowers
grown from seed some years ago.
Commenced blooming in January last;
still in bloom April 24th!

Grows extremely well
in shady areas e.g under trees.

If you've room and want scores of the plants,
they grow easily from seed dropped naturally,
or collect the seed and plant in different areas.

Cowslips attract the butterfly known as the Orange Tip,
An Barr Buí as Gaeilge.
Plenty of them in own garden in recent weeks.

Great for rockeries or on walls and fences
and will do well in shade also.

Bluebells also do very well in shady areas,
but need to be kept under control
or they can take over nearby lawns, etc.

Grown from a slip off a plant outside an abandoned
roadside cottage near
the bank o of the rivers Nore and Barrow,
north of the Barrow railway bridge. 

(Many viewers yesterday 28th April, including 108 views from Russia!)

If you're short of space for planting,
you can use various items as containers,
like example here with different herbs, 
also old tyres, three-legged pots, etc!

More images to follow here!

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