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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The February 28th Snow, 2018.

Not as heavy here in Malcomson Square, Portlaw, as expected,
and melting rapidly at this time (11.00 am approx.),
due to sunshine and gritting.
Like 'your's truly', Teddy O'Brien, pictured above,
was wearing Yaktrax on his shoes,
both of us having acquired them in 2010 for future use
and not used until today!
By strange co-incidence another photo of Teddy was the first uploaded
to this site on Monday December 27, 2010.
A copy has now been positioned hereunder.

Mikey O'Sullivan was also out for some shopping
and is seen here outside the long-defunct
Mayfield Lodge. 

Over three hours later, the snow was falling heavily
and then stopped.

Storm EMMA and blizzard conditions to arrive about 4.00 pm tomorrow, Thursday,
when, it is recommended, that EVERYONE should be indoors,
until mid-day Friday.
Workers to be allowed to be home by 4.00 pm
and driving to be 'suicidal' from then until Friday,
due to the forecasted NIL visibility!

Next Day - March 1st:

Footprints of numerous birds outside our back door,
where a variety of food awaited them today,
including seed, peanuts, suet balls,
and some uncooked Flahavans' Porridge Oatlets.

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