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Saturday, September 30, 2017

R O A D W O R K S . . .

Remedial work all around the local roundabout has been going on for weeks
and is now nearing completion.
Here a gentleman is using an angle-grinder.

Simultaneously in the background is this vehicle cruising non-stop around the perimeter,
spraying water (?) and sweeping (?) the area to keep down the dust.
This very expensive project may well be a complete waste of money,
as while the work was in progress,
people were parking on the edge of the roundabout centre itself,
outside the many 'bollards' in front of the Centra
and outside the bollards between the entrance and exit areas!
Not alone that, drivers were still taking a chance coming down Talbot Terrace,
and driving anti-clockwise around the roundabout to park at the Main St. side of the Centra.
Better still, while one driver (A) was coming up Main St., a driver (B)  coming from the William St. side waited for driver (A) to move on to the roundabout until he (B) could go down the wrong side in order to park at the far end of the Centra car-park.
Driver (A) realised what (B) was up to and didn't budge,
resulting in driver (B) having to continue up Factory Road!
It's all happening most days!!!
It will be all so easier now for these drivers to continue doing the same
when all the bollards are gone.

-    oooOooo    -

Saturday, Oct. 21st:

My predictions are already taking place.
Maybe the Centra people should widen their front door and allow parking inside! 

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