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Friday, June 23, 2017

JAPANESE KNOTWEED once again . . .

Thanks to WLRFM radio for recently commenting on the situation, even if it was in County Cork.

Check out this item from the Irish Examiner in August of last year: 

-    oooOooo    -

During a recent visit to West Cork,
I was glad to see that Japanese Knotweed had been treated
and was withered completely everywhere I went.

Thanks to
Councillor Pat Dunphy,
Leas-Cathaoirleach Kilkenny County Council,
for a recent number of emails
re Japanese Knotweed at Strand Road, Fiddown.
Much appreciated!

-   oooOooo   -

Addendum - August 26th 2017:

The volume of Knotweed at Coolroe
on the road to Clonagam church is getting even more extensive,
and a new growth can now be seen downhill towards Portlaw,
just before the next house
The above photo, taken some days ago, shows only about half of the growth in that area.

However, we are glad to say that three large warning signs have now been erected there.
These signs are surely badly worded, not stating the dangers of Knotweed,
and they might even appear to some to suggest the weed is a habitat for wild birds
which should not be interfered with!

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