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Friday, June 28, 2013


The Coe family re-union in the previous post, at what is now known as Coes' Lodge in Curraghmore estate,  prompts me to show further pictures of the same building and other gate-lodges. To start with, I am showing more pictures of the same building, which is quite photogenic, is located in beautiful surroundings,  and looks somewhat different every time one views it. The lodge is located between the Carrick Gate lodge and Farm Lodge.

Speaking to a German biblical scholar back in 2000 approx., who lived for some time at Tower Hill cottages, which overlook Coes' Lodge, when he invited me up to tea one evening, I remarked that it was quite a lonesome place to live, and that he didn't even have TV for entertainment. His response . . . 'That's my TV screen out there (looking out towards the lodge and the Comeragh mountains), and the picture is changing every minute!. What more could a man want?'  How true his remark was . . . a different 'look' to the scene almost every minute, due to the changing light, and then the different look during the changing seasons.  The building in question also presents a different image every few metres  from the Clonagam road due to the changing position of trees, walls, animals, etc.

The above picture was taken less than twenty-four hours after that shown in the Coe Family Reunion article!

 The above image,  taken on a winter's day in 2010, is my favourite, the sheep, the colour of the grass, and the bare trees, making it somewhat memorable.  The fine double tree to the right of the lodge here, fell down just about a week prior to the family reunion, and has since been  sawn and carted away!

This was the scene two days after image No. 558!

Located beside this attractive oak tree, the above gate-lodge has been the dwelling-place of  individuals or families who looked after the estate entrance on the road to Carrick-on-Suir for many generations.

The same lodge looking SW on a November day
with slight frost showing on the mountain top.

Same lodge, towards mountains, from the polo field.

A February day in 2012.

The lodge at what is called Kellys' Gate, taken in July of this year.

The lodge as seen in June of this year with current tenant, Mr Stephen Delaney, working in the adjoining garden.

Same premises in the snow of January 2010.

Further images to follow in this section.

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