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Sunday, August 12, 2012

NEW! New! New! Portlaw Car Boot Sale

Portlaw Car Boot Sale, which is held each Saturday from 10.00 a.m. inside the gates of the Tannery/Cotton-Mill site,  is slowly beginning to take off, and a wide variety of bric-a-brac is always on offer . . . from books, clothes and jewellery to window-boxes and  plants.  What really caught my eye was a selection of mirrors made from slate but incorporating copper-wire and stained-glass motifs.  

Jewellery galore for the ladies at this stall by a local man.

Mr.Mikey O'Shea having a relaxing moment with a friend over a cup of coffee!

The mirror display, mentioned earlier.

A collection of books and more by Seán Foskin. I spotted some very interesting volumes among those on display.

A great place to pass an hour or more on Saturday mornings, but come early if you hope to find some bargains.  Who knows, you might pick up a Caravaggio for a few Euro! 

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